SOS Welcomes Volunteers

There are countless ways for a volunteer to help in the stores. Donations that come in throughout the day must be cleaned, processed, tested and thoroughly inspected before being placed on the sales floor. We welcome students seeking volunteer hours for credit as well as individuals with community service requirements. To learn more about volunteering, please email Sharon Davis or call the store directly at 864 244-0911 (Taylors) or 864 520-8800 (Pleasantburg).

Sponsor a Donation Drive

Donations drives can be focused on clothing, specific types of items or even recyclable materials. They can be set up at your workplace, your church, or in your neighborhood. SOS will provide donation boxes and pick up the donations as often as needed. For additional information about sponsoring a donation drive, please contact Sharon Davis.


Remember SOS Thrift Stores when you are moving, spring cleaning, re-organizing or just paring down. You can organize a community or church garage sale and let SOS pick up what does not sell. Gather your friends for an old-fashioned swap meet and donate the extras. Be creative and have fun while you’re helping others.


SOS is so much more than just a thrift store! Please help share that message by liking the SOS Facebook page and sharing posts on your wall. You can also follow SOS on Twitter. Your help in telling as many people as possible about the store and our mission to support missions and partner with other non-profit agencies in the community is sincerely appreciated!